Intuitive Arts can help you with...


Destress yourself,  unstuck your life, overcome depression and anxiety. fight with overthinking.


Connect more deeply with yourself,  grow your intuition,  strength your authentic voice. 

creativity nutrition

Unleash imagination, discover your hidden talents, silence your inner critic and embrace your inner artist.

Hello, I'm Justine Kowalski, the happy artist.

I'm here to assist you in your journey to creative self-discovery.

When I was a child, "They" told me that I never would be an artist but look now: my whole life is an art. I'm an artist of theater and recently of visual arts...


Welcome to my new blog about intuitive arts and happiness.



Everyone is an artist!


You don’t need to be a painter to paint, you don’t need to be a ballerina to dance. You can sing, write, act... Do whatever you want, whatever brings you a joy! The creator lives in You. Let him to reborn! Join the Journey!
Justine Kowalski